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90 attendees gathered at the Queensland Museum in support of the development of the CSNA on May 6th.

***Please note that as of March 2015, the name of the Citizen Science Network Australia (CSNA) was changed to the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA), though the next below remains as originally written***

Workshop summary documents have been finalized by each of the Citizen Science Network Australia (CSNA) working groups and are available for download at the respective links below:


CSNA Charter & Objectives

CSNA Entity & Governance

CSNA Communications

CSNA Funding



On 6 May 2014, 90 attendees gathered at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane to support the development of the Citizen Science Network Australia.

There was overwhelming agreement amongst the workshop participants regarding the formation of a national association/network to progress citizen science within Australia. Many new friendships were made during the breakfast networking session.


Philip Roetman presents the results of the Australian citizen science survey to an audience of citizen science stakeholders.

In the morning, participants heard from Suzanne Miller (CEO, Queensland Museum) and Chris Gillies (Director of Science, Earthwatch Australia) on the need to establish a national association and how different stakeholders can work collaboratively to promote the growth of citizen science within Australia. Phillip Roetman (Barbra Hardy Institute, University of South Australia) presented the results of the first Australia-wide survey on citizen science and Libby Hepburn (Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness) presented an overview of the development of the European Citizen Science Association. A 10 minute video on the US-based Citizen Science Association was also shown, produced by Abe Miller-Rushing and Jennifer Lynn Shirk. The morning overview was followed by two (40 minute) panel sessions led by Jayne Keane (Queensland Museum) and featured citizen science stakeholders representing a range of perspectives. All of the panel members were then included in an open Q&A discussion with workshop participants.


The entire morning session was filmed (with the exception of Libby Hepburn) and is available for viewing via the links provided below:

The Queensland Museum in Brisbane hosted the event on May 6th.

The Queensland Museum in Brisbane hosted the event on May 6th.


Citizen Science Overview – Suzanne Miller, Chris Gillies, Philip Roetman

U.S. Citizen Science Association Overview – Abe Miller-Rushing, Jennifer Lynn Shirk

Panel 1 – Jayne Keane (facilitator), Angela Dean, Bob Edgar, Janet Dudley and James O’Connor

Panel 2 – Jayne Keane (facilitator), Simon France, David McInnes, Noleen Brown, Piers Higgs and Peter Doherty

Panel Q&A – All Panelists






Afternoon breakout sessions spur discussion on the terrace of the Queensland Museum.

Lots of enthusiastic discussion occurred during the two afternoon breakout sessions which focused on defining the: (1) purpose and (2) form of the Citizen Science Network Australia. Participants were split into nine   groups of ten and were asked to summarise their thoughts on vision, mission, membership, entity, governance and communication. The majority of participants supported an Australian association similar in structure to the US association. Each group presented their discussions back to all workshop participants in a facilitated manner and these summaries were reviewed and synthesised for common themes amongst groups.




Workshop attendees had the opportunity to discuss the purpose and form of the CSNA in small groups and then present their ideas back to the larger group during afternoon sessions.

Those in attendance were invited to sign up to one or more temporary working groups which will formalise the outcomes of the workshop through summary documents (including scope for further public consolation). These four working groups are: (1) entity and governance, (2) charter and objectives, (3) CSNA funding and (4) communications. If you would like to join any of these working groups but have not yet signed up, please e-mail . A fifth (temporary) working group will be established to support Stream 8 of the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney this November. Please contact Robert Nicoll (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)  to join this working group.

IMG_0749CSNA bean poll caption

The five working groups will be convened in early June. For further information about the workshop or the CSNA please contact by email: Chris Gillies .




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