Working Groups and Chapters

Working groups serve to help achieve the goals of ACSA. Working Groups may be centered around achieving goals outlined within the 3-year ACSA Strategic Plan (ACSA-Strategy Working Groups) or they may be proposed by the ACSA membership at large to address an area of interest. Location or topical based Chapters are a form of Special-Interest Working Group.

To date, there is one active ACSA Working Group that has been approved by the ACSA Management Committee, and they are very busy planning the #CitSciOz18 conference! Additional groups will be convened as priorities are identified. Are you interested in proposing a new working group? Find out more about proposing a new working group.

Conference Working Group

  • Philip Roetman, University of South Australia
  • Sylvia Clarke, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources (DEWNR)
  • Frank Grutzner, University of Adelaide
  • Tahlia Perry, University of Adelaide
  • Brianna le Busque, University of South Australia
  • Erin Roger, ACSA Chair
  • Alexis Tindal, ACSA Treasurer
  • Ellie Downing, ACSA Secretary
  • Jessie Cappadonna, ACSA General Member
  • Amy Slocombe, ACSA Support Officer

Working Group announcements and updates will be shared through the ACSA newsletter and this website, so stay tuned!